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Sector Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 35543451
Closing Date 06 - Jul - 2024  |  1315 Days to go View Tender Details
Registration of vendors for constructs, works and services for integrated facility management, management of holiday homes & transit flat, canteen services, vehicle hiring services, housekeeping services, pest control services, photocopy services, courier services, architectural consultancy services, electrical consultancy service , hvac consultancy services, structural consultancy services, civil & structural works, water proofing work, painting works, lt electrical works / ht electrical works, electrical work, interor / carpentry work, soft furnishing works (curtains, linen, upholstery, blinds, etc). plumbing and sanitation works, fire protection system works, access control system / cctv system / building management solutions. hvac works, telephoen / epabx works, event management services, hiring of audio visual equipment / sound system for meeting / events, printing works of banner / backdrop / standees / siganages / boards etc, epabc and telephone systems, fire safety audits, electrical safety and energy conservation audits, repair and maintenance of air conditioning units, providing manpower services, photography and videography services. #*. Supply of printed stationery, table stationery, photo copy paper, printer cartridges, packed water, packed lunch, utensils, crockery, coookware, serveware, uniform, housekeeping & disposable material, toiletries, electronic items (refrigerator, tv, home appliances, etc), it equipments 9printer, projector, etc), branded furniture, electrical materials for facility maintenance, civil / pluming materials for facility maintenance, carpentry material, soft furnishings incl line towels, medicines and medical equipments, gardening material.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 41558071
Closing Date 20 - Nov - 2021  |  356 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of items - core i3 computer system, hp laser-jet 1020+printer on the specified terms and conditions.(last date 20/11/02020 by 3pm).
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 40083320
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2021  |  122 Days to go View Tender Details
Invitation for empanelment of vendors/vendor renewal - amc for computer, computer peripherals and xerox, machines, e.g. lipi data printer, xerox machines,, computers, Printers, etc., amc of water purifier 8i water coolers., amc of boiler annual inspecting cleaning., amc of ups-three phase/single phase., amc for pressure vessel testing., amc for lifting tools & tackles., amc of gps system, amc of epbax, amc cctv system, amc of chiller plant, amc of diesel lifter, amc of screw compressor with drier, amc of plc system of boiler, amc of heat pump, amc of chillers & atb ( auto tube brushing) system, amc of vrf ( variable refrigerant flow) system, amc of domestic units ( window ac, split ac,, refrigerators, water coolers, air coolers, air curtains,, deep freezers etc...), amc of ahu( air handling units), amc of cooling towers, amc of bms (building management system) for hvac, system., amc of compressor, amc of bps machine. #*. Hiring of, vehicle service with driver & fuel and without driver, & fuel, rate contract for newspaper publication., rate contract for refilling of cartridges., rate contract for refilling of nitrogen gas, oxygen, da(, dissolved acytelene), rate contract for supply of unskilled persons, rate contract for supply of skilled persons ( welder,, fitter, plumber, sewer-man), rate contract for hiring of lmv., rate contract for labour supply., rate contract for lpg cylinder., rate contract for painting job, rate contract for petrol and diesel., rate contract for refilling of fire extinguishers., amc for incinerator including operation, paper core pipe, self-adhesive double sided tape, labels- a5 size, blank paper label roll-different colours., printer cartridge for toshiba printer, micro perforated plastic film, ldpe stretchable plastic film, plywood box, strapping tool, strapping tape dispenser, polyester strapping tape, paper board edge protector, printing paper of different colours i.e. light green,, yellow, pink, white etc., self-adhesive bopp tape., gummed tape of different colours i.e. light blue, light, orange , light pink, light red, light white, light, yellow etc., wooden plug, wax ribbon (black), polythene bags, bolt cutter, plastic pallet, thermocol sheet / card board sheet, cold rolled steel strip,kilts, strapping machine, plastic tape - poly propylene, bakelite sheet, teflon sheet, teflon rolls etc., corrugated boxes, rubber bands, shirk wrapping film, wooden packing boxes / plastic, packing box, cotton tape, cotton yarn., polyester strapping tape, metallic/gl seals, hoop seals, stenciling ink, stenciling brush, rota fount solution., adhesive paste gum, rubber strip for notching machine, cutting sticks for, guillotine machine., hoop seal plier, heat sealer., notching bit, tungsten tips.-, crayon for pa per cutting marking, different types of paper cutting knives, high pressure & low shower nozzles, hydro jet nozzles >v, distilled & ionized water, goolant- ethylene glycol, canvas bags for collecting the trimming, xylene chemical, paper carrier rope's, wooden wedges, slitter & cutter knife with holder, mould gasket, bobbins plastic pulley & bobbin spindles, different kind of brushes for cleaning purpose: - wire, & plastic brushes etc., block board box, pet stapping rolls, hdpe packing bags, hdpe adhesive tape roll, ldpe film roll, ldpe semi tube, ldpe film, ldpe shrink, film roll, p.v.c. band blue colour legend ptd., l.d./p.v.c. band pink colour legend ptd., p.v.c. band blue colour, plastic l.d. band pink color, self adhesive instant lable, hawai chappals,under wear, rubber band-205, cotton tape, p.e. coated band roll, shrink film polythene roll, self-laminated adhesive label, shredder bag, thermal transfer ribbon label, packet band roll, upper cutting knife, lower cutting knife, guilliotine, knife, cutting sticks, kraft paper, fevicol., self adhesive tape roll, hosiery cloth - bleached big, glassine-butter paper, marlotherm/hytherm hp600 if117, dpe sheet, re-grind scraper1350x40x0.6mm anglel8°, re-grind scraper 850x40x0.6mm anglel8°, njection moulded plastic pallet, cotton comber, bleached cotton linter, bleached cotton comber pulp, nuts, bolts, washers-high tension steel nuts & bolts,m., . nuts & bolts, ss nuts & bolts, washers, allen bolts,, ivet,screw, hardware items, hacksaw blade, emery paper,champion sheet,, neosprene sheet, wire brush, general tools, painting related items, paint brush, enamle paint, red oxide, bp guard, w, brush, air washer-, 1. eliminator, deflector, damper, 2. blowers, 3. air tight doors, air tight windows, 4.spray nozzles, aluminium hydrate ce1000, aluminium silicate (zeolax-325) ce1100, calcium carbonate (ppt) ce1200, block board boxes, polyethylene wax ca150, micronized wax (s-379h) ca154, petroleum jelly ca250, wetting agent (wdi) ca355, lanoline sheep wool wax ca450, methyl ethyl ketoxime (anti drier) ca650, anti skinning agent (tbhq) ca655, cobalt octoate cd700, manganese octoate cd800, zirconium octoate cd900, ar linseed oil cf100, tung oil cf110, alkyd
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 41072867
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2021  |  122 Days to go View Tender Details
Invitation for empanelment of vendors/vendor renewal - annual maintenance contract for computer, computer item, xerox machine, printer, water purifier & water cooler, boiler annual inspecting cleaning, ups, pressure vessel testing, lifting tool & tackles, gps system, epbax, cctv system, chiller plant, diesel lifter, screw compressor with driver, plc system of boiler, heat pump, chiller & auto tube brushing system, variable refrigerant flow system, ac, water cooler, deep freezers, air handling unit, cooling tower, building management system. #*. hiring of vehicle. #*. refilling of cartridge, nitrogen gas, oxygen, dissolved acytelene. #*. supply of unskilled persons. #*. supply of skilled person – welder, fitter, plumber, sewer man. #*. hiring of lmv. #*. providing of labour supply, lpg cylinder, painting job. #*. petrol and diesel. #*. refilling of fire extinguisher. #*. annual maintenance contract for incinerator including operation. #*. supply of packing material – paper core pipe, self adhesive double sided tape, labels, printer catridge, micro perforated plastic film, ldpe stretchable plastic film, plywood box, strapping tool, polyester stapping tape, printing paper of different colour, wooden plg, wax ribbon, polythene bag, bolt cutter, thermocol sheet, cold rolled steel strip, strapping machine, cotton tape.
Sector Security Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 41645350
Closing Date 01 - Jan - 2021  |  33 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of oem cartridge/ consumable,oem cartridge/ consumable,oem cartridge/ consumable,oem cartridge/ consuma
Sector Insurance Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 41737403
Closing Date 31 - Dec - 2020  |  32 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of printed stationery, computer stationery item, table stationery, ink cartridge cd/ dvd printed machine, ribbons, furniture, electric equipment. #*. Supply, maintenance & repair of intercom, telephone system, note counting machine, currency detection machine, electric generator, ups inverter, battery, air conditioner system, water cooler & purification machine, fire alarm. #*. Repair & maintenance of furniture, electric equipment, transformer. #*. Provide of courier service, transportation service, pest control service, advertisement service. #*. Running of canteen. #*. Cleaning, housekeeping of office. #*. Garden maintenance work. #Marathi
Sector Insurance Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 41744743
Closing Date 31 - Dec - 2020  |  32 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of office printed stationery and computer continuous stationery, table stationery, IT consumables viz cartiridges, cd/dvd, printer headsm ribbons. #*. Supply and maintenance of epbox / intercom system, telephone instruments and allied products, currency counting machines, fake currency detecting machine. #*. Supply of furniture items (steel cupboards, filing cabinets, safes, fire resistant safes, racks, compactors etc). #*. Repair and maintenance of furniture items. #*. Supply of electrical items. #*. Repair and maintenance of electricity generators on retal basis. #*. Supply and maintenance of ups / batteries and invertors / batteries. #*. Maintenance of 615kv transformer. #*. Supply of maintenance of ac machine. #*. Supply of and maintenance of water coolers and water purifiers, fire fighting equipments, fire alarms, smoke detecters etc. #*. Courier services. #*. Transport services. #*. Canteen services. #*. Office upkeep and housekeeping services. #*. garden maintenance. #*. Pest control services. #*. Advertising firms.
Sector Minerals Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 41697529
Closing Date 24 - Dec - 2020  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of print head for hp officejet-pro8610, print head model : for hp 950/951 product name : hp 950/951 print head for 8610 print head, cartridge no.950/951 used in this model, model: cm 751-80013-a equivalent.
Sector Power Plant Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2.96 Lakh approx.
Location Jammu-kashmir Tenders Ref.No 41769987
Closing Date 24 - Dec - 2020  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual maintenance contract (amc) of computer, printer n ups of pakal dul he project for one year.
Sector Insurance Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 41779175
Closing Date 24 - Dec - 2020  |  25 Days to go View Tender Details
Applications are invited from the vendors/firms (including existing empanelled vendors under division for below mentioned categories) for the empanelment for various jobs as mentioned below for divisional office, category of vendor/firm for supply of: (a) furniture & fixtures: 01) furniture & fittings (wooden & iron) safes, fire/water proof storage equipments, policy racks,all types of office furniture (table/chair/storage rack etc.) 02) purchase of water cooler, water purifiers, air coolers„ r.o. systems 03) telecommunication equipments such as EPABX, fax, intercom etc. 04) purchase of note counting machine, fake note detectors 05) flex board, foam sheet board, employees' name plates, information display board etc. 06) purchase of electrical items like all type of fans, emergency light, wall clock etc. 07) purchase/maintenance of all types of curtains. 08) a m c for water coolers, air coolers, water purifiers/ r.o. systems /aqua guard, note counting machine, EPABX, fake note detectors, fax machines etc. 09) security systems, CCTV cameras procurements & its maintenance 10) pest control, termite, rat control etc. services (b) printing and stationery: 11) printing & stationery such as forms, paper etc. 12) table & office stationery 13) computer continuous stationery — printed/blank 14) envelopes suppliers, pvc/plastic wallet, folder suppliers 15) it consumables—computer peripherals such as cartridges, printer ribbons, print heads, lap top batteries/charger etc. 16) printing of identity cards for our employees 17) rubber stamps/computer nylo stamps, binding work (c) estate related matters: 18) housekeeping & maintenance services for office premises/guest house/drainage cleaning-services/lift man services. 19) waste paper purchase with lifting services 20) news paper advertising agencies 21) supply of cleaning material 22) laundry services 23) drinking water suppliers 24) security services 25) fire extinguishers (all type) including refilling 26) cleaning of underground and over head water tanks 27) gardening/mali etc. (d) other items: 28) railway and air ticket booking 29) courier service 30).services for network cabling. #Gujarati
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